Word selection on the basis of consonant letters

After you have transformed a two- or three-digit number into a combination of consonant letters, you need to choose the variant among all the possible combinations that allows you to create a word containing all the necessary letters. Significant letters must be the first in a word. The rest of the letters are ignored.

25 = THZ FR - HR = HaRe

828 = GQL-THZ-GQL = GZL = GaZeLle

444 = WVK-WVK-WVK = Wood WaVe

You may often encounter a combination that makes it impossible to create an appropriate word. Say, WVK-WVK-WVK (444).

In this case, you need to find a visual image that is represented by two words an adjective and a noun. Below, the first letter of the adjective and the two first letters of the noun will be significant.

444 = WVK-WVK-WVK = Wood WaVe

470 = WVK-SD-M = Wood SaMurai

In rare cases, when an absolutely inconvenient consonant letter combination appears, non-standard encoding methods are acceptable. Such images must be simply learned by heart.

502 = FR-M-THZ = ReMoTe