Weekday Figurative Codes

Weekday figurative codes are handy for memorizing different timetables and schedules. For example: school or university curriculum, training timetable, bus schedule, etc. These figurative codes may be used to memorize your own plans for the week.

Let me remind you that information can spontaneously erase in your brain; this allows you to edit timetables in your brain just as you would in a computer file or an electronic organizer.

A timetable that has become useless will be erased automatically, simply because you do not use it anymore.

Weekday figurative codes are chosen according to the well-known abbreviations: Mon., Tues., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun. You need to choose any word that contains both consonants of an abbreviation.

MoNday MN MoNitor
TueSday TS ToaSt
WeDnesday WD WooDpile
THursday TH THermos
FRiday FR FRuit (for example: dragon fruit)
SaTurday ST STarfish
SuNday SN SNowmobile

Different figurative codes (weekdays, months’ names, numbers, and letters) MUST NOT CONTAIN IDENTICAL FIGURATIVE CODES. That is, the figurative codes system must be organized and arranged.

For example, if you use the Sun to represent Sunday, this image cannot be used to represent numbers like 70 or 710. Other words should be chosen for these numbers: 70 – DoMino, and 710 – DyNaMite.

As you see, creation of a FIGURATIVE CODES SYSTEM is a complicated task. You can create your own figurative codes system. However, it is much easier to use our reference book as a basis and substitute any words you do not understand with ones more suitable for you.