Transforming Numbers into Images

Any numerical data must be transformed into a visual image before being memorized. This is realized using a figurative code. A word is chosen according to the corresponding numbers, a word that results in an image convenient for memorization to occur in imagination.

Transforming numbers from 01 to 09 into images:

In these cases, “0” is ignored during memorization and is added only at the remembering stage. The point is that one-digit numbers are practically never encountered in memorization. Thus, if you memorize a phone number: 356-09-90, you need to memorize either 09 or 90.

(0)1 = 1 = N = Nose = the visual image of a nose

(0)4 = 4 = WVK = Wvk = W = Whale = the visual image of a whale

(0)9 = 9 = C = Cookie = the visual image of a cookie

Transforming numbers from 10 to 99 into images

10 = NM = aNiMal = the animal visual image

35 = B FR = B fR = BR = BeeR = the beer visual image

Transforming numbers from 000 to 999 into images

006 = M-M-JPX = M M jPx = Marble MaPle 

228 = THZ-THZ-GQL = tHz thZ gqL = HaZeLnut

238 = THZ-B-GQL = Thz B gqL = TaBLe

612 = JPX-N-THZ = jPx N Thz = PaNTies

The process of transforming two- and three-digit numbers into visual images is lengthy and requires a lot of effort. This is why students use the “Figurative codes reference book” that provides figurative code for every two- and three-digit number, plus all the letters of the English alphabet, months’ names, and weekdays. The reference book provided by School of Phenomenal Memory® is unique. Created by Ruslans Mescerjakovs, founder of the School of Phenomenal Memory®, it is the only list of image codes for three-digit numbers offered in English today.