The “Russian Doll” Method

When you memorize an image sequence using the “Russian Doll” method, the images are inserted into each other, like in the famous Russian doll toy set, where a small doll is nestled in a medium-sized doll, both of which as then nestled into a larger doll.

Relative sizes of the connected images in every pair: big + small.

In reality, a small image (imagined largely) and a part of big image (large in imagination) are connected.

An explanation of this method is as follows:

Each memorized element remains free; other images (medium-sized) can be written on it later on:

  • Memorization of an image sequence using the “Russian Doll” method stabilizes images in the imagination when they are remembered. The next picture will not appear in your imagination - unless you intentionally increase in size a part of the first image.


This method is used to memorize a sequence of several associations, in case the associations are connected directly, avoiding stimulating images.

Monotype data is thus gathered to form one information block (a list of phone numbers, chronological tables, etc.) which is then fixed onto a stimulating support image.