The Free Association Method

A person almost never perceives objects separately from each other. Most objects have constant interrelations that are automatically, reflexively fixed by the brain.

For instance, a teaspoon is normally connected with a cup. A cup is related with a saucer. A piece of cake is usually lying on a saucer. The image of a “cake” can cause an image of the box it was sold in to appear in imagination. This image will remind you of a shop-window that you saw it in, and so on.

The free association reception method is very easy. You only need to remember a sequence of images that have natural interrelations. This image sequence can be used as support (stimulating) images for information memorization.

This is important! When you single out images using this method, you should not try to switch to the images of the Cicero method. In other words, the images of this method should be omitted when you choose the images for the Cicero method.

No support images should be repeated. Even if you have a hundred thousand images in your support image system, they must all be different, unique, no matter the method used to form them.


The free associations method is used to enhance other memorization techniques. It is particularly useful when you need to quickly form additional support images.