The “Chain” Method

Images are connected in pairs using this method. Relative sizes of all objects are the same: large.

The first and the second image of any image pair must be strictly distinguished. The second image penetrates the first one. The second image is above the first one. The second image is to the right of the first one.


This method is used to form short sequences of support (stimulating) images. The sequence of images can be fixed easily through multiple repetitions. The sequence is then used to form a system of support images, if combined with other sequence memorization techniques.

Long image sequences are not used in the GMS®, because any long sequence will be deconstructed over time (the “Connection erasure effect”). Only the first and the very last element of a long sequence remain in memory (even if you are able to reproduce the whole sequence faultlessly and completely right after you have memorized it).

Memorization of a long image sequence with the ”Chain” method can be used during training exercises, when long-term preservation of connections is unimportant to you. In such cases, the number of connected images is practically unlimited; one can connect tens and hundreds of images among themselves.