The Brainís Reaction to Different Types of Information

In this section, we are also going to discuss information.

In order to avoid confusion between different interpretations of the word, let us define what information we are going to talk about.

The brain fixes only connections. The brain remembers this kind of information, the connections. The process that helps us to do this is called "memory".

We are also used to trying to recall information that our brain is not capable of remembering, the existing tangible objects of the surrounding world. This is what we study at school or a university and the kind of information we are now going to examine.

Let us, first, make it clear how a brain reacts to real objects, text information, and a very particular type of information, precise information.

These types of information: real objects, texts, phone numbers, and the like cannot be memorized by our brain. However, experience tells you that we can somehow remember some of these things. How is it that memorization and anamnesis of these objects can happen?