Sport Mnemonics

You can encounter truly professional and honest mnemonics users at mnemonics competitions. Such competitions are held regularly for instance, at Cambridge University since 1997.

Sport mnemonics has its own specific features. First, each participant specializes in a particular type of information. Some aim to beat records in memorizing two-digit numbers; others specialize in playing-card memorization championships; some have trained themselves to memorize spoken two-digit or three-digit numbers.

You will not surprise very few with your ability to memorize things at such competitions. To participate, you need to pass through a selection stage where you will have to prove your memorization skill before being allowed to compete.

Records belonging to champions strike your imagination, especially if you are not familiar with the principles of mnemonics. Still, even a trained mnemonics user feels a great deal of respect for the champions of such events, as they know from their own experience what it takes to memorize efficiently.

The most difficult facet of competition is usually the memorization of spoken numbers. This involves a competition when the mnemonics user is only presented with the number he or she had to memorize once.

In sport mnemonics, as with any other competition, participants strive for the best possible results. Mnemonics event participants compete in two main criteria: speed of memorizing and the volume of data remembered at one time.