Other Figurative Codes

Figurative code is a GMS® language. Without knowledge of this system, the art of memorization quickly turns into suffering. Every time you try without it, you will agonize over having to choose an image to memorize an element of information. The previously memorized figurative codes make this process quick and pleasant.

There do exist other information elements, aside from the ones already described above, which are not included in the “figurative codes reference book.” Anyone can (and must) choose figurative codes for such elements independently.

ANY FREQUENTLY ENCOUNTERED INFORMATION MESSAGE ELEMENT is subject to encoding into visual images. You cannot tell beforehand what figurative codes will be of use to you particularly.

If you are a lawyer, you will have to create figurative codes for the most common judicial concepts.

If you are a chemist, you will probably need to find figurative codes for chemical substances

If you are a mathematician, you will need figurative codes for common mathematical concepts and actions.

If you study geography, encode continents, countries, states, and towns into images.

For faster memorization of names and last names, you will need to find appropriate figurative codes for male and female names.

Only figurative codes necessary to a person, regardless of his or her job, are subject to compulsory memorization. These are the figurative codes for two- and three-digit numbers, months’ names, weekdays, and the alphabet letters. When you study a foreign language, you need to memorize phonetic figurative codes for that language.

Other specific figurative codes can be found gradually, according to their popularity in the memorized information.

If you start creating a list of some specialized figurative codes, you can share the results of your work with other users of the GMS® techniques by publishing them on the pages of www.Pmemory.com website under the “Forum” section. Thus, the website will accumulate and offer a large number of additional information that you will be able to use in the future.

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