Natural Associations

Natural associations are connections that actually exist between perceived objects. Thanks to the fact that these connections already exist, our brain memorizes them automatically. An existing connection between objects is a signal to memorize them.

Natural associations are used in the following memorization techniques:

The Cicero Method. In this method, only connections between objects found in familiar situations or in their familiar settings are used for memorization. These connections do not need to be created; that is, they do not need to be memorized. They are created automatically in our brain, due to multiple and regular perception of the objects of your house, room, or street.

The Free Association Method. A human being never memorizes an isolated image. Images have stable connections between them, and these connections are remembered automatically if perceived regularly. For example, a cup is always connected with a teaspoon. A computer monitor is always connected with a keyboard and a mouse. A cupboard is always connected with plates.

The Method of Singling Out Parts of Objects. Even when we see a single object, the brain “reacts” to its parts and automatically fixes the inner connections of the object. Every image consists of parts (sub images). A radio receiver consists of a body, an antenna, a tuning scale, a regulator, a strap, and a speaker.

The Method of Singling Out the Invisible Parts of an Object. People often disassemble devices in order to know what is inside them. Since different internal elements of objects are interrelated, these relations are automatically fixed by the brain. For instance, where there is a loudspeaker, there are wires, batteries, transistors, resistors, and condensers.

Note: natural associations do not have to be memorized on purpose, DELIBERATELY. They already exist in the brain. The goal of the mentioned techniques is to create a system for all the connections in our brain, so they can be used to memorize other types of information.

The Method of Finding a Distinctive Feature. The natural association creation mechanism can be used consciously. In particular, you will get to know this method through the “faces memorization” technique. The “faces memorization” method is very simple. You need to examine a photo for a few seconds and pay attention to the distinctive features you see. No other special actions are required. Your eyes perceive the images that are already connected due to automatic connection fixation. Your brain will reproduce the face image on the basis of distinctive features. It is that simple. One can also memorize illustrations in a book by using the same mechanism of automatic memorization of perceived interrelations.

Basically, in GMS®, natural associations are used to form a large number of auxiliary (support) images in our memory which will later help us to memorize and remember any other type of information.