Method of Clue Associations

The method of clue associations (MCA) includes a combination of five techniques:

Symbolization technique (love – heart);

Encoding by consonance (Factor – Tractor);

Connection to familiar information technique (Mars planet – “Mars” chocolate candy bar);

Developing a word from a syllable (NIC - NICotine);

Association creation method (all created images are united into an integral association).

All of these methods are used spontaneously without prior preparation. The use of any method depends on the word memorized and upon the content of your memory. One word can be transformed into visual images using different methods. This process is called the “Method of Clue Associations” because new and unfamiliar words are coded into an association (a combination of visual images), that offers a clue to the pronunciation of the new word.

Why do you need this? Our speech analyzer cannot memorize many words quickly, only five words a day on average. Also, there is no guarantee for long-term preservation. The visual analyzer can memorize up to tens and hundreds of words quickly and in proper sequence.

Initially, a list of new terms is read with the assistance of visual images which appear in the imagination. After a couple of days, new names are completely fixed in the brain and are easily reproduced without the pictures.

Using the “Method of Clue Associations,” you can consecutively memorize all the states of the USA and every town in every state. All the terms used in pharmacology study books are easily memorized within a few days; consequently, the study book itself is memorized as well.

The “Method of Clue Associations” is one of the most complicated and hardest ones to master in GMS®. Many students seem to spend too much time on transforming separate names into combinations of visual images.

That is why I recommend using some kind of reference book, for instance, a medicinal substance reference book, to train the brain to memorize names of cures in the order in which they appear in the book. The skill can be developed to become automatic and will not cause hindrance further on.

Here are several examples of transforming names into images using this method:

Alabama State

Break the word into two parts: ALA and BAM. Transform each part into a word: ALAALArm (consonance) – alarm-clock (symbolization), BAMBAMboo. Create association: alarm-clock (base) has minute-hands made from bamboo (element).

Alaska State

Alaska – salmon (symbolization).

Arizona State

Break the word into two parts: ARI and ZON. Transform each part into a word: ARIARIa, ZON – ZONe. Aria – a piece of music. Zone - surrounded by barbed wire. Create association: A piece of music paper wrapped in barbed wire.

Arkansas State

Break the word into two parts: ARK and ANSA. Transform each part into a word: ARKARK, ANSA – NASA. Create association: In an ark’s main entrance is a NASA shuttle.

California State

California – surf board (symbolization).