Many-Sided Mnemonics

Currently, there are several branches of mnemonics which can be identified. Books on memory training tend to mix up these different and often incompatible branches of mnemonics. The result is sort of a tossed salad - a mixture of memorization techniques which an unprepared reader finds hard to put together into a coherent system.

Another disadvantage of the many books on memory training is the complete absence of theoretical basis for the offered memorization techniques. Without theory, it is hard to create an efficient mnemonic system. Any statement where an author claims to have invented the Cicero method or even mnemonics itself should be taken very skeptically. Mnemonic techniques are so widespread that many do not even recognize them, due to their universality and general use in everyday life.

I have distinguished six mnemonic branches:

  1. Popular mnemonics
  2. Classic mnemonics
  3. Pedagogical mnemonics
  4. Circus mnemonics
  5. Sport mnemonics
  6. Modern mnemonics

Let us take a closer look at each of these branches.