Linking to the Familiar Information Technique

People who are not familiar with GMS® often use concepts such as “a phone number easy to memorize” or “a number hard to remember.” Many phone telecommunication companies sell phone numbers that are easy to memorize.

Let us look into the reasons of this phenomenon that makes people think that phone numbers are either “easy” or “hard” to memorize.

Here is an example with two phone numbers: 492-39-45 and 746-83-57.

Obviously, the first one belongs to the kind of numbers that are easily memorized. Why? Because the elements that make up the phone number are familiar: 492, 39, and 45. What does “familiar” mean in this case? This means that VISUAL IMAGES appear when such elements are perceived. When you see number 492, you will remember that Columbus discovered America in 1492, and a ship image will appear in your imagination. When you perceive the number 39, you will remember the beginning of WWII and a swastika image might appear in imagination. 45 will remind you of the end of WWII and an image of the parade can appear in your imagination.

When you perceive the second phone number, images do not readily appear in your imagination; because of this, it is hard to memorize the number. The brain is only capable of memorizing connections if there is some corresponding image; no image and the connections cannot be established.

If elements of the memorized information message are automatically transformed into visual images, these images are the ones to be used for memorization. No special transformation of the images is needed.

Here are some examples of information that causes visual images to appear and is, thus, easy to memorize.

  • SONY – an image of some device made by this company appears.
  • Washington State – an image of one-dollar banknote (with the image of George Washington on it).
  • Colorado State – an image of Colorado beetle appears.
  • Number 110 – an image of an electrical plug appears.
  • Mars planet – an image of “Mars” candy bar.
  • Venus – an image of Venus statue.

Familiar information is information that contains elements which cause visual images to appear in the imagination when perceived.

The above-mentioned method IS NOT USED FOR NUMBER MEMORIZATION. This technique is used primarily to transform names and last names into images.

The method should be used only when a perceived element spontaneously causes an image to appear in your imagination. In other cases, you should move on to using other encoding techniques.