Invisible Image Parts

People, particularly males, often dismantle things; that is why we often know what is inside a radio, a TV, an automobile, a washing machine, and other objects.

Objects found inside other objects can be used as support images.

This support image forming technique is extremely reliable, because external connections do not influence internal connections.

External objects can be connected using the “Chain” method; associations containing some precise information are connected to the inner parts.

This support image forming technique can also be used for long-term memorization of miscellaneous information.

The Invisible Image Parts method is good because it also gives you the ability to rebuild support image systems in your brain. Thus, inside the “radio” image, you can fix 5 phone numbers; then, by moving this image inside your support image system, you automatically move all the information contained within it.

A random image is used as a container. Information is stored inside and is easily moved, together with the image.

In addition to that, external image parts can also fix information (the method of singling out image parts).