Part 3: Basic GMS® Concepts

From the Whole to Separate Parts

Everything consists of parts. Words consist of letters; sentences are made up from words; paragraphs are created from sentences. Any substance of nature contains a limited number of elements. A musical piece is a set of combinations and sequences of only 7 notes. Any numerical data is presented with ten ciphers.

By combining a limited set of simple elements, by changing CONNECTIONS between the elements and their SEQUENCE, one can obtain an endless diversity of ELEMENT COMBINATIONS, i.e. new information. INFORMATION is a COMBINATION OF PRIMARY ELEMENTS. Information cannot contain only one element. Information must, by its very nature, contain at least two RELATED elements. The sense of memorization is in recalling, being able to reproduce these connections.

To learn to memorize difficult data tables, lists, and texts you will first need to learn to memorize the simplest elements found in all information consists. You will not be able to memorize phone numbers if you do not know how to memorize separate individual ciphers, or memorize lists of geographical names without knowing how to memorize names. You need to memorize simple elements within a text in order to remember the textual information precisely.

The main GMS® principle is that memorization goes from the whole to separate parts. To memorize a list of phone numbers, you first need to memorize separate numbers, then, separate phone numbers and, finally, a list of phone numbers. When you memorize a text, you first fix a sequence of paragraphs in your brain, and then memorize precise data in each of the paragraphs.

That is why, before you study memorization techniques for different types of information, you need to master transformation methods for the simplest elements that are inherent in every type of information. These are two and three digit numbers, syllables, words and senseless letter combinations, names, the names of months and weekdays, terms, concepts, and more. Only by transforming the simple elements into visual images will we get a chance to memorize them, that is, to create connections.