Figurative Codes for Months’ Names

Figurative codes for months’ names are chosen using either the Symbolization method or the Connection to Familiar Information method.

Such figurative codes are used to memorize months’ names in precise dates, as well as in some other techniques. For example, in the “Calendar” technique, fixation of events of each day in the memory makes it possible to memorize dates by events and events by their dates.

01 January Champagne (31 December)  
02 February Polar Bear (National Polar Bear Day) February 27
03 March Eggs (Easter) March 27
04 April Drop (thawing)  
05 May Civil War Memorial (Memorial Day) May 30
06 June American Flag (Flag Day) June 14
07 July Firework (Independence Day) July 14
08 August Mustard (National Mustard Day) August 6
09 September Protractor (1 September, school)  
10 October Ice (first ice appears)  
11 November Snowman (first snow falls)  
12 December Christmas tree  

The presence of figurative codes for months in an association instantly allows understanding of what type of information is encoded in the image connection. Obviously, if an association you see has the figurative code of a month, this is either a precise date or a timetable or a holiday.

  • You cannot represent months with figurative codes of two-digit numbers (01-12) – this leads to confusion when remembering and is a very severe mistake.