Encoding Signs into Images

Signs are very easy to transform into images. Every part of a sign must be imagined as a three-dimensional image. If a sign is complex, it must be broken down into elements with each element represented as a three-dimensional image.

Memorization of any alphabet is actually memorization of “sound + sign” combinations.

When you transform both the pronunciation and the writing of a sign into an image, this connection is easy to remember. This is done directly in the imagination: an image representing a sound is connected to an image representing the writing. The associations you get are memorized using whatever method of image sequence memorization that works best for you.

The Japanese “Hiragana” alphabet, consisting of 46 images, can be memorized this way in only an hour, and in exact order!

Though, you will need some 3-4 days to fix the signs, this fixation is realized without any study books or cheat sheets; the signs are remembered using nothing but your memory.