Creating an Association

Association is a group of images that encode particular information. There is always a BASE in any association – the principal element of the information message. Other images are called association ELEMENTS. Any figurative code is always an association element; figurative codes are never used as an association base. Associations may contain from 2 to 6 images. Association elements are always situated in the same order on an association base – left to right and top to bottom. Associations are formed by consecutively connecting several images. The standard length of time for connecting two images is 6 seconds.

If an association contains 4 elements, you will need 18 seconds in order to connect them.

An ASSOCATION BASE is always a LARGE IMAGE in any association; ASSOCIATION ELEMENTS are always MIDDLE-SIZED. When you create connections, images are always big.

For example, memorize the following information:

Numerical signature is 56059079.

This information message contains four parts. Let us single them out: numerical signature, 560, 59, and 079. We will take the image representing numerical signature for an association base (for example, a “Pencil”). Then, we will transform the two-digit and three-digit numbers into images according to figurative codes: palm, tube, meat grinder.

Pencil – palm – tube – meat grinder.

The elements are translated into the brain language, so we can start DIRECTING MEMORIZATION, directing the connection of the information elements in the imagination. An association is created by combining three image pairs in imagination: lead – palm, pencil – tube, eraser – meat grinder.

Time to connect the first pair of images (6 seconds).

Time to connect the second pair of images (6 seconds).

Time to connect the third pair of images (6 seconds).

You will need 6 more seconds to connect the ASSOCIATIONS with a support image or another association.

Such a method of association creation permits the fixation of information with frequently repeated elements (similar images). The same elements can appear numerous times on different bases. That is why even memorization of a random sequence of two-digit numbers, containing nothing but combinations of four elements: 00, 01, 10, 11 (figurative codes: casks, nose, enema, onion), is possible.

In order to memorize this sequence of zeros and ones (transformed into visual images of two-digit numbers), you will need 5 support images (5 association bases) and 2 minutes 30 seconds (25 images multiplied by 6 seconds = 150 seconds). This is the standard for our students.