Creating a Word from Syllables Technique

This technique, just as figurative codes for two-digit numbers, is a “vital” technique of GMS® because it is used very frequently to transform names, concepts, or foreign words into visual images.

Any syllable can be developed into a word with a meaning. You can add elements to a word on its right, left, or from both sides.

  • CAM – CAMel, CAL – CALculator, KNI – KNIfe.
  • SOR – SORt, AKI – fAKIr, NIC – NICotine.
  • NIG – kNIGht, ISK – whISKer, MAG – MAGic.

Suppose, we need to transform the word MACHBASRUL into a visual image. First, we need to break it down into elements: MACH + BAS + RUL.

Then, each syllable must be complete in order to become an image-word: MACHine, BASket, RULer,

A base must be chosen for these elements – a big image, to which other association images (elements) will be connected.

Let the “machine” (automobile) be the base. Two parts must be singled out in this case: gear shift and a glove compartment. Create the following associations: “gear shift – basket” and “glove compartment – ruler.”

Imagine the integral association. This is a machine with a basket on the gear shift and a ruler inside the glove compartment.

Now, MACHBASRUL has become easy to read via this association. The word is read through visual images.

Sure, if you memorize only a couple of words each day, such a technique may seem excessive to you; but, if you memorize tens of new terms a day, this method together with other techniques allows memorization to be quick and efficient. Most importantly, it ensures long-term storage of the memorized data.

Here is how the name WISCONSIN should be memorized:

Break the name into three elements: WIS + CON + SIN.

Complete each syllable so that it becomes an image-word: WISent + CONdom + SINker.

Choose the association basis: WISENT.

Single out two sub images in the WISENT image: horn and a mouth.

Create connections: “Horn + condom” and “mouth + sinker.”

As a result, “WISCONSIN” will be encoded into the following image: Wisent with a condom on one of his horns and with a sinker in its mouth. The state name is easy to read with this association.

Please note that, in this technique, the method of creating an associative connection is also used. That is, simultaneously with the transforming of images, we are also memorizing them (create connections).