Creating Associations

Any information message is fixed in the form of an association in the brain, as a combination of several visual images.

At one given moment of time ONLY TWO VISUAL IMAGES, viewed (enlarged) in the brain to take up all the space of your imagination, can be connected.

Imagine a watermelon hanging in the air one meter (3 feet) away from you. Imagine all images as large as this watermelon or even larger.

An illustration of how you should create an artificial association is provided in the pictures.

Let us imagine we need to connect four images into one association: a cap, a cube, ice-cream, and a notebook. We need to choose an ASSOCIATION BASE using these images.

The ASSOCIATION BASE is a large image representing the main part of the information message we are trying to memorize. Figurative codes cannot be an association base.

Other images will be ASSOCIATION ELEMENTS.

ASSOCIATION ELEMENTS are other images which represent the rest of the elements of the information message. Normally, these are different figurative codes (numbers, months’ names, weekdays, last names, etc.). Relative to the association base, association elements are MEDIUM-SIZED images.

In this case THREE SEPARATE CONNECTIONS have to be created. To do this, the necessary images are joined in the imagination and are held together for about 3-6 seconds.

After the consecutive creation of three connections, we need to imagine the association as a whole. Images that represent the information message are DIRECTLY linked in it. Pay attention to the fact that association creation is a direct recording of information (connections) into the brain.

Below is a schematic representation of an artificial association that will be used to illustrate different memorization techniques.

When you need to memorize not only connections, but their order as well, this will be simple to do. Association elements are always “hung” on an association basis in the same direction: from left to right, from top to bottom, like we usually write or read.

It is recommended to create connections consecutively at all times, even if the connection order is not important for memorization.