Circus Mnemonics

Circus mnemonics utilizes classic mnemonic principles. What is typical of circus mnemonics is a meticulous preparation of encoding information. Information can be encoded into anything: gestures, postures, facial expressions, voice tones, or the order of words in a sentence. Oftentimes, nothing really needs to be remembered when showcasing a phenomenal memory. Masters of the technique simply pass along information using the code only the two of them know. The principal is to pass the information from assistant to performer (thanks to various gimmicks). Thus, circus mnemonics makes use of only one part of mnemonic techniques.

During such performances, mnemonics users try not to expose their ability to memorize. That is why telepathy illusion and ascertaining different things are based on a well-trained memory.

You should remember the fact that mnemonics users in the circus are initially circus artists… where cheating, i.e. trickery and illusion are regarded as the norm.