Capabilities Enhanced by GMS®

The system teaches you to accumulate hundreds and thousands of separate information messages (non-related phone numbers, historical dates, terms with their definitions, etc.) with a possibility of consecutive and instantaneous selective retrieval. The system guides you to find information that contains the same or similar elements in the brain, for instance, all dates related to one number.

One’s speed of memorization depends on how well each particular person is trained and upon the level of complexity of the information itself. When memorizing figurative codes (fixed images of two-digit numbers), it is easy to achieve an average speed of 3 seconds per two-digit number after just a short period of training. This means that the time required to memorize 100 two-digit numbers would be 5 minutes. A beginner’s standard for memorizing 100 two-digit numbers is 10 minutes (or 6 seconds per visual image).

Usually, memorized data is erased automatically after a certain time. Thanks to a special information fixation technique we will share, one can regulate the time that data can be stored in the brain – varying from 1 hour on up to a lifetime.

There also exists the option to overwrite the information in your brain (substitution of phone numbers, changes in timetable elements).

Data developed to the reflex level does not require repetition and is retained for a lifetime.

A method for accumulating a number of phrases in the brain (including foreign languages) and bringing them to automation, reflex use is looked at as well. This method relies upon visual images and takes some time to memorize and affix.