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Before Pmemory 4.0 Training VS After Pmemory 4.0 Training
  • Ability to memorize 5 to 7 random elements from reading it once, with a need for multiple repetitions.
  • Ability to memorize 300 (or more) random elements by reading it once, with no need for repetition. 60 times more!
  • No control over memorization process (never really know if its memorized or not). Just repeating the information over and over again HOPING it will be memorized.
  • Absolute control over memorization process. You always know what is memorized and what is not.
  • No control over memorized data in your head.
  • No ability to manipulate memorized data, delete, edit it or organize it.
  • No control over forgetting and for how long data will be memorized.
  • Absolute control over memorized material. Ability to create complex structure, databases and folders that allows storing and organizing memorized data like files on the computer screen.
  • Ability to delete data at will and control for how long data is memorized (days, weeks, months, years or forever).
  • Ability to perform Instant Search through data. For example finding all information that has “21” in it.
  • Overall shape of the brain, mental stamina, focus, attention span and other brain functions are poorly developed. Basically the brain is in the state of relaxation and a sleep. Easily overwhelmed when learning new or if there is a load of tasks on the brain that is unusual.
  • Overall shape of the brain, mental stamina, focus, attention span and other brain functions are highly developed. It can be compared with physical shape of professional athlete VS obese person. Very hard to get overwhelmed when learning new or if there is a need to perform mental tasks and stay focused and sharp for a long time.
  • Impossible to memorize high volume of complex, structured information such as Whole Books and texts.
  • You can memorize and store in your mind extremely complex, structured information of high volume, such as complex texts and Entire Books.

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Pmemory is an online course that teaches people all over the world
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I am very satisfied with GMS and grateful that you are providing this truly valuable educational program. I'm currently a college student and I am excited to continue applying GMS methods to my studies and outshining my peers.

Thank you GMS!

Ryan Alexander

Student, USA


This course is really cool. I understood it's advantages. Now I can without any doubts fascinate my girl-friend, parents and my friends with my phenomenal abilities!

Tyutyunnikov Dmitry

Student, Germany


I started applying the techniques from day one as best as I could to any situation that came my way and developed a new understanding of myself and my ability.

Thank you for developing a real memory system that really works.

David Finn

Computer Programming Director

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About Us

My name is Ruslan Mescerjakov (My last name can be hard to pronounce, so many of our students just call me Ruslan M) I am the founder and lead instructor of the School for Phenomenal Memory and a respected expert on true memory training.

But not long ago I was where you are today.

I knew there was more. I knew that inside my own mind was an unused "super computer" capable of storing millions of pieces of information all available for immediate recall whenever I wanted it.

I was lucky enough to befriend an incredible researcher named Vladimir Kozarenko, a celebrated mnemotechonolgist and author of several leading books on memory.

Through rigorous scientific research and testing, Kozarenko created the groundbreaking Giordano Memorization System (GMS) back in 1990. Since then, he has become a highly sought-after lecturer and instructor at top universities and private schools.

His success stories were incredible!

However, he had never brought this system to the English speaking world. And that's where I came in. I created the School of Phenomenal Memory in 2006 and co-created Phenomenal Memory Course. And since it's creation, we have already helped thousands of ordinary people just like you unlock their own phenomenal memory capable of mind power that would immediately drop your jaw.

How it works:

The training is similar to how we develop our bodies through practical training in the gym or via any other type of fitness. Lessons consist of specially designed brain/memory exercises and special theoretical information that is specifically designed to allow anyone to take control over their brain/mind/memory processes and develop them to an extremely high level. How do you know that you progress and improve when you workout physically? When you feel that your muscles are tired and sore after a workout. After every single pmemory lesson you will feel similar "sore" feeling in the brain, which is a very unique and satisfying feeling. The growth is very rapid yet gradual based on the progression of every lesson. By lesson 24, a student is already memorizing any type of information very rapidly and with incredible accuracy. By the end of lesson 60, a student can memorize and store in their head entire books of information with the ability to accurately reproduce it.

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Why it works for everyone?

It works for every single individual because the training is based on natural mechanisms of the brain and memory, same way the physical training in the gym is based on the natural mechanisms of the muscles and body. In other words - it does not matter at all, where you are with your ability to memorize or learn at the moment. If you can read, speak and understand speech - you can join and you will get the same result.

Is it hard?

In this regard our training is very similar to the training in the gym. How difficult is the physical workout? It all depends on the initial condition of the body and where person is. If person is overweight then it might be very challenging for her/him at first, but if the person has an average or athletic shape it will be much easier to do. The training might be challenging for some people because it is indeed a training where you have to push your limits and jump higher than you thought you could. You will literally feel the soreness in the brain after doing our lessons, same way you feel soreness in your muscles after a workout. That's how effective the training is and that's how powerful the lessons are. However, it is important to point out that Brain is a very unique and incredible organ. It grows and develops super fast. Much faster than muscles. No matter where you are in terms of Mental shape you will be getting results from lesson 1, like everyone else. It is really not about "hard" or "easy", really. The training itself is designed so that everyone is able to complete it. You don't need to think about anything, you don't need to figure out anything, - all you need to do is complete your lessons 1 by 1 and follow instructions precisely. Exercise by exercise, lesson by lesson. Simple as that. And if you have troubles with it or any questions we will be there to assist you. How easy is that?

Can everyone memorize Entire Books at the end of the training?

Yes. If you complete the training - you will be able to memorize Whole Books and anything else that you would like. Any type of information, no limits.

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