I really like this system.

I really like this system. ### Having gone through both Dominic O`Brian`s system and Kevin Trudeau`s system, I found both of them interesting, but lacking in usefulness in everyday life.


I have finished the first 24 lessons and am amazed at the thoroughness of this course. I want more. I love it and thank you Pmemory and your school.

Ryan Veach, 30, Student, USA

Notes in 15 minutes! ###I am now memorizing a days worth notes from a class in 15 minutes and can review all my notes for a test in about ten. This stuff really works.

Brandon Flowers, 35, Texas, USA

Thank you for taking the time to put together this program. ### I have enjoyed going through your course. The greatest benefit I have seen with your program is having the ability to learn and track diverse amounts of information. With other courses I always felt like my brain was full and I would begin loosing the links I had created and there by the ability to successfully track through all the information I had previously stored.

Keep up the good work.

Dr. Michael D. Johnson, 58, Chiropractor, USA

I would like to express gratitude and admiration for your system. Only during this course I began to understand how truly remarkable it was. It is so much easier for me to memorized the information I need. Thank you!

Albert, 21

First let me say, this is a tremendous course! I wish the information had been available fifty eight years ago when I started high school or at some time during my twelve years of formal education that followed high school.

Through this course I’ve discovered that today, at the age of 73, I’m not nearly the sharp thinker that I thought I was. Yes, I have noticed over the past five years or so that my ability to remember what I’ve recently read has slipped tremendously. Thus, I spend an inordinate amount of time re-reading and reviewing. I hoped this course would provide a solution to that problem and it has!

I spend a considerable amount of time in the library and in book stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders. There I see students, among others, who appear to be struggling to memorize study notes and text book material. I approach them and ask how their studies are going. The responses, as you can imagine, are varied. I ask them if they would like to cut their study time in half and remember twice as much? There is no variation in their response to that question. It is always an enthusiastic “yes!” I then write down www.pmemory.com on the inside cover of one of their spiral notebooks along with my e-mail address. Then I ask them to let me know what they think after looking at the web site. Over the past week I’ve done that five times but have not had a response back. Maybe they haven’t had time to look at the website or maybe they looked at the website and liked it but didn’t want to respond back to me. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll keep doing this, unless you have an objection, because I feel this material is one of the best lifetime investments a young person can make! I really appreciate the work you are doing for humanity. Keep it up!!

James Stafford Reed, 73, USA

I was skeptical when I first found out about the program, but decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. The memorization skill is very useful in both day to day life and studying. Thus I'm very pleased with the results that I have achieved with the program.

Anonymous, 21, Student, Finland

I am learning to skydive. I used the GMS for memorizing the section "The actions of parachutists in special cases," which surprised the instructor :)

I also refer to the achievements of the GMS the stability of attention expressed in absolute clearness and the absence of annoying internal dialogue. Psychological calmness, the precision of the performance of actions, the constant control of the height in spite of the height 3000 m and the speed of falling 200 km/h. In my opinion that would not have happened without the GMS anyhow. For me the results are obvious.

What is very important, I began to catch any thoughts of instructors from the first time, and knowing myself as a student…the reasons are clear for me. Earlier at the University it was not always easy to understand something new right away. I am looking forward to the nearest examinations :)

Anthony, 24, Germany

AMAZING! I definitely see the potential of this wonderful course. It is the best course available. There are things in life that give you those ah-HA moments, when you realize something like a thunder bolt hits you. This course is one of them. I LOVE to learn, and this course will give me the opportunity to advance a lot faster and better in life. You might think you already have a good memory (and I did have a relatively good memory before this course), but your present abilities are surely WAY below what you’ll get after a couple of lessons! Like Pmemory said, your ability to memorize will raise by 60 times better!

Some additional benefits I found using this course.

Increased ability to make links between anything. It will be very easy for you to make links between your existing knowledge even if it wasn’t encoded using GMS techniques. You will hear words in a sentence and easily recall in what context you have heard that word last. What happens is that your stimuli response is increased. Your brain “reveals” on the spot all the connections to that bit of information.


If you do not have a lot of self-discipline this course will train it. You will be able to achieve anything, start running for a marathon etc. You’ll built your mind muscles as well as your discipline muscles.

Better attention

You will be able to study, or work longer hours on the same activity since your brain will be used to focusing.

As I am writing this, I find out that I should too put this into practice and I think my progress will be stronger!

Dominic, 18, Student, Canada

I have just completed the second part of the course, and I am amazed! It is a lot easier to create a database than I thought it would be. I can only imagine how useful this will become for my studies, work and everyday life.

I read Dominic O'Brien's books a few years back, but I found it different to apply his techniques to everyday life, as a lot of them are created for use with poker etc. I found Pmemory by a coincidence, and I am extremely impressed with what I have read and learned so far!

Kristine Getz, 24, Student, Ireland

Let me start with a little history of myself. I'm currently 22 yrs old and trying to finish my degree in CS/Math. I am still doing my undergrad b/c I lost 2 yrs when I suffered a near death car accident caused by a diabetic coma. My bodily damages included:

* broken orbital eye socket (right)
* broken nose
* right lung collapsed
* fractured piece of hip
* crushed another piece of the hip
* fractured the right ankle and impact of accident caused my right frontal lobe (brain) to bleed

When I finally got out of the hospital, I thought that I was going home. I soon realized that I was only going to another hospital and then another after that. I did various rehab programs.

When I finally got back to school, things were never the same. I don't think I remembered how to study properly. Not that I couldn't, I just didn't have any more discipline/drive towards school. I could have possibly lost my drive just because I was in fear of discovering that I couldn't do a mental task anymore. Either way, one day I saw the Pmemory link in the gmail ads.

Being interested in developing a super memory from a brain injured patient's point of view, I clicked the link. I literally was blown away!

The next day I begged my parents for the $ to buy the entire course before Pmemory raised the price like he said he would eventually. I started the course and fell off. Finally got serious months later and now I'm finished my first database.

If anyone is doubting this system. Don't. The skills that I have now acquired and will keep acquiring in the future courses will be with me for the rest of my life and I can only see positive upward movements from here.

Cheers and thanks a lot Ruslan you are the man!!!! I no longer live in fear that my brain injury will affect my mental performance. If anything, the injury has made my brain better by the fact that I would have never looked for memory programs. I would have never gone through those various memory books (buzan, scheele, O'Brien, etc..) I would have never found yours. So. Once again, Thanks a lot. You have cured me of my personal fear.

Danny L, 23, Student, USA

This is amazing. I am so ready for the next three classes. I plan on mastering my study guides, textbook like review books, for the CPA exam. I have been doing some simple (now it is) memorization to wow some of my friends when we get together, and I think you will be getting some dental students as your students in the near future.

Thanks again, I can't say enough good things about the program.

Adam Ripperdan, 26, Student, USA

This course is the best memory course I have ever taken. I have studied many other memory courses. Before taking this course my favorite and the one I thought was the best was, "Dominic O'Brien's Quantum Memory Power." The dilemma I always had with the course is creating enough pegs for the journey method. I just kept running out and I didn't like the idea of walking through new areas of the city just to get my memory pegs. With the Phenomenal memory system this problem is completely eradicated. I always have all the pegs I need to memorize anything I need to. The Figurative code system that you learn in the course is also the most advanced system I have ever seen. I use to think that the phonic system 1-t,d 2-n, 3-m, 4-r,... etc. was the best due to it's simplicity. Pmemory's Figurative Code system is on a whole new playing field.

Definitely worth every penny!

Brian, Canada, Student

This has been by far the best memory program I have attempted. I have used programs by Tony Buzan, Harry Lorayne and others, and nothing else compares. While some elements of this program appear to be taken from other places (including Cicero, of Roman fame) the organization, structure and comprehensiveness of the system at Phenomenal Memory is... phenomenal.

I also liked the flexibility in the course. In the past month I have been traveling a lot, and have had to fit lessons around my busy schedule. Even though the time I need to spend on my studies has reduced the amount of time I can devote to the course, the results were still amazing. Being able to memorize 100 totally unrelated things and recalling the content I wanted in precisely the order I wanted was astonishing.

A. Misir, 29, Post-Graduate Student, Canada

After finishing only 4 Lessons, I can memorize 30 two-digit numbers in a row. Also, pick a number that I memorized, and I can tell you what numbers come before and after it, and so on. I want to let you know, you see results as soon as you start.

C-dog, Student, Texas A&M University

In my conventional schooling the teachers told me to write facts down several times and thereby gain knowledge. Needless to say progress was slow and I did not retain facts well. The difficulties I faced meant that a university education was simply not feasible for me. My teachers at school simply gave up on me.

In the GMS system, memorization occurs without having to write anything down. This is not photographic memorization or speed reading, but a completely new and highly effective learning technique.

Today my special powers of memorization enable me to set my sights much higher. A university degree is now well within my grasp and my future is much brighter.

John Broyles

This course delivers exactly what it promises! The support is just as phenomenal as the memory you will attain by taking this course!

Corey Witter, 19, Student

Wow. I have to say this course delivers. It really does work!

Jen, 48, Student, USA

I was wary of paying $300 for this course and was never really able to believe the posted videos or website testimonials, however I took the chance and have been rewarded immensely. Although I am really just beginning to apply this system to my daily life, I can say I now believe this course will deliver all of its amazing promises and more. I can not think of a better investment.

Sean, 19, Student, Canada

It's unfortunate that the Internet is littered with crackpot methods that promise to turn you into a genius. Upon finding a website called "Phenomenal Memory" it's only natural to be a skeptic. I certainly was. But this is not just another crackpot method. This is a legitimate course based on science. This course literally changes the way you think about learning things, and I mean everything! The thing that I find shocking about "Memory training" is that it isn't the standard of education everywhere. After learning about visual memory it's hard to believe that people still use rote memory to learn anything.

Halcyon, 17, Student, USA

This course does great wonders on helping one memorize dates. Also, it cuts study time way down for studying for tests. There is no limit to what you can remember! Good luck to everyone who takes the course. You will not regret it.

Carl Allen, Student

There is no question that this course works. The biggest benefit I see to this is that I love learning/memorizing almost anything. I find myself interested in learning everything for the sake of something new to work with. Its been awhile since I felt that way


This course has significantly enhanced my memorization skills and has given me the ability to memorize numerous amounts of data without the time consuming effort.

Hai Ly, 16, Student, Australia

When I first came across this site, I was skeptical. I browsed the forums for a while and watched the demonstration video and I was amazed. This IS the best method out there for memorizing material quickly and efficiently.

Thanks Pmemory!

Edward M, 18, Student, USA

I had, in the past, attempted to learn Korean but never got very far because the vocabulary was just too different from western languages. After using the Phenomenal Memory method for several weeks I have been able to acquire a vocabulary with much less effort and frustration than on my previous attempts.

John Fischer, 49, Physician, USA

Hey Pmemory. I finally got done with the first 24 GMS lessons and am truly impressed with the results. I achieved near perfect memorization during the final recall test.

Overall I am very satisfied with the GMS system of visual memorization and have a much clearer idea of how memory and the memorization process works. I believe this system will prove invaluable to me during the rest of my college years and beyond. I look forward to beginning the next GMS lessons and appreciate the prompt feedback and help you offer Pmemory.

Thank you very much.

Caleb James Bostwick, 19, Student, USA

As I begin this, I have to say that I have come a very long ways. Probably not unlike many of you out there, I stumbled upon this website incidentally, not sure what to make of it at first. Being the overly curious person that I am, I went on to read almost every single thing on the website, checked out the forums, read the GMS manual, and began thinking and dreaming about what this could mean for my future. I emailed Pmemory many questions to just try to get an overall sense of what made this school tick. Though what he said helped me out a lot, I have to say I was already convinced from what I'd read.

The first two courses exceeded my expectations. But, thank heavens, that's not where it ends. There's more to come and I know the next two courses will blow my expectations sky high!

Lado L, 20, Student, USA

Taking the test finally made me realize that the information that I had memorized would be impossible to remember without a structured system such as GMS. In my opinion, I felt that the practice was 70% of the total value and the methods introduced to memorize certain types and groups of information as the last 30%.

I have read books from many authors such as Quantum Memory by Dominic O'Brien, a world-class memory champion, and Memory Optimizer by Vera B., a product that I felt was trying to point out the obvious. All of these books only provided techniques and they felt disconnected. There was no systematic way to do things like effectively memorizing charts with numbers and abstract data. They did, however, teach me how to memorize names and lists of easily visualized objects (pumpkin, giraffe, sailboat). I was not able to use the techniques presented practically since I was not shown how to, nor given any practical practice material. The methods they presented looked good on paper, but they did not really work in practice.

These books altogether already equal to over $300. There are other courses out there that teach the same for a crazy $1000-$3000 price tag. So... I chose to check out Phenomenal Memory's course. It only took me 2 days before I decided to buy it. I only had $800 from working in a food store, so it wasn't supposed to be an easy decision to just carelessly spend almost half of my money. I looked at the courses they provided and that was when I realized that the application of the memory tied in with scientific evidence and philosophy is altogether a powerful solution to what I needed to memorize effectively.

Now, after gone through the first two sets of lessons(1-24), I have decided that it already is well worth the $300. I haven't even learnt language techniques and I already memorize vocabulary of Latin easily with the Cicero method coupled with the chain and doll. I'm looking forward to how he implements the methods for language, code, and text. Also, the course has allowed me to see my dream as a possibility - memorizing 5 languages fluently by the age of 25. Also, I'm planning to use what I have learned for programming in C++, java, QT toolkit, OpenGL, digital circuit engineering (like chip names and schematics), etc.

Andy W-T. Hsu, 15, Student, USA

I can now memorize a list of up to 200 pieces of information, a number which increases each time I practice, in only a few seconds per item. I can memorize a persons name in only a few seconds, and not forget a few minutes later. I can memorize complex concepts, not just shopping lists, with far more accuracy and understanding than I ever could before. Best of all, all this information is at my mental command. If I want a piece of information, I look can look it up in my "database" far faster than I could look it up in a book; sometimes I do it in the shower. Try using Google in the shower...

I tried other programs in the past. I really liked the Mega Memory system and used it for years. Comparing that system is like comparing horse and buggy with a race car. GMS is much faster than Mega Memory, more reliable, and has a much greater potential. There really is nothing else like GMS. It truly is phenomenal!

Rex Troumbley, 24, Student, USA

This course is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was having short term memory issues that were attributed to A.D.D. I knew that nothing was physically wrong with my brain, so it must have been something I was doing. Turns out I was thinking entirely acoustically--No pictures. Pmemory showed me how to build up the visual center of my brain and thus dramatically improved my memory--both short and long term. I'm a heavy study bug with interests ranging from Astrophysics to Zoology--I have an incredible amount of information to learn. This course has taught me how to learn the material in one go, and how to retain it for as long as I like. A definite thumbs up from me.

Brandon G, 21, USA

I purchased and read various books on the subject of memory and memory improving techniques. Kenneth Higbee, Tony Buzan and Harry Lorayne, among others were some of the authors I came across. However, none of them were really definitive for me and I found myself not sticking with them for long. I’m pretty sure that, when the average person finishes reading these books and applies what they read, they won’t come away with an amazing memory, or even a significantly improved one. But don’t take my word for it, try them for yourself. I think you’ll see what I mean.

To my delight, I found Pmemory’s GMS course whilst surfing the net and decided to peruse his sight. Some of the claims that were made seemed outrageous at the time, but after e-mailing him a few questions and reading the GMS Manual, I decided to give the course a try.

Pmemory is always there to help and answer any questions you might have and they are prompt in response to your queries. They are also very sincere. Because of my severe studying schedule, (I’m at one of the UK’s premiere universities- and it sometimes seems like they make it their mission to ensure that your time is filled up to the brim with study), I found it difficult to create time to do the lessons. But they’ve given me advice about how to overcome this problem and others I’ve had and they have been effective. You really can’t ask for much more in a teacher.

If you are considering improving your memory to a phenomenal degree, and you are willing to work for it, then consider taking this course. The GMS course is THE BEST course out there on memory training, period. This is not a gimmick. It’s a real system designed for real people who are willing to spend time to build a skill that will prove to be indispensable in everyday life. If you are willing to do the lessons, you CAN have a phenomenal memory. The question is, ‘Are you ready to begin?’

Emmanuel Arthur, 21, University Student, UK