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First let me say, this is a tremendous course! I wish the information had been available fifty eight years ago when I started high school or at some time during my twelve years of formal education that followed high school.

Through this course I’ve discovered that today, at the age of 73, I’m not nearly the sharp thinker that I thought I was. Yes, I have noticed over the past five years or so that my ability to remember what I’ve recently read has slipped tremendously. Thus, I spend an inordinate amount of time re-reading and reviewing. I hoped this course would provide a solution to that problem and it has!

I spend a considerable amount of time in the library and in book stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders. There I see students, among others, who appear to be struggling to memorize study notes and text book material. I approach them and ask how their studies are going. The responses, as you can imagine, are varied. I ask them if they would like to cut their study time in half and remember twice as much? There is no variation in their response to that question. It is always an enthusiastic “yes!” I then write down www.pmemory.com on the inside cover of one of their spiral notebooks along with my e-mail address. Then I ask them to let me know what they think after looking at the web site. Over the past week I’ve done that five times but have not had a response back. Maybe they haven’t had time to look at the website or maybe they looked at the website and liked it but didn’t want to respond back to me. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll keep doing this, unless you have an objection, because I feel this material is one of the best lifetime investments a young person can make! I really appreciate the work you are doing for humanity. Keep it up!!

James Stafford Reed, 73, USA

I literally stumbled across the School of Phenomenal Memory. I read the GMS Manual and couldn't believe what I was reading. I could tell from one reading that the founders had developed memorization techniques into a discipline, one that could be taught to anyone. Through exercises presented in the first course, I was able to concentrate for the first time in my life (diagnosed as hyperactive when an infant, later as ADHD). In my writing, I often struggled to stay with the stated thesis. This issue has been eradicated. In my graphic design, I had a difficult time "seeing" the art as a whole and the relationships between elements in the design. This too has been wiped out. I credit the School of Phenomenal Memory for leading me to greater maturity in my abilities.

For the last ten years of my life, I have been addicted to learning (in the same way that others are addicted to body-building). However, because I had such a poor memory, I was only exercising my ability to reason through abstract concepts. Now, at 31, I can begin applying detail to theory, thanks in large part to the School of Phenomenal Memory.

Brian H, 31, Writer/Artist, USA

I am very familiar with Tony Buzan's work. I have virtually all his books, even different editions of the same books too. I like all his material and appreciate his contribution to education.

Here is my experience with Buzan and how he compares to GMS.

The first book I read by Tony was like 13 years ago. It was Use Your Head and claimed that with his mind mapping techniques a guy named Edward Hughes became a straight A student. While it is all possible since the subjects he was studying were mainly literature I always doubted he could have used Buzan's material for Chemistry, Physics and Math which I am interested in.

Nevertheless I love mind mapping and loved his speed reading book. It did help me to score high on some psychometric tests.

But his material on memory is simply no match to GMS. I will be doing lesson 24 today so I haven't completed half of the entire GMS course but I can tell GMS is waaaay more advanced that Buzan.

In GMS' second course one learns to build a mental database. In nature this database is similar to mind mapping but it is in the mind not on paper. Now I do disagree with a previous comment that Mind Maps may are random. They are not random, they are actually a near representation of how data is linked in the brain. Yet in GSM's databases information is more organised than on mind maps.

Buzan does have 2 books (one of which is Master your Memory) for those who want to build a memory database but his system is difficult, very inflexible and very limited compared to building databases in GMS. I would even say flawed!

Furthermore it is very hard to build Buzan's SEM3 database since it has 10,000 memory slots by default. In GMS building any number of databases is relatively easy, the system is very flexible, it can easily go beyond 10,000 slots and when learning it you get the support from instructors which I really wished for when reading Master your Memory.

I couldn't make it past the first 4 chapters and that was a great disappointment! However Master your Memory contained a lot of facts about capital cities, anatomy, history and chemistry that I can now start memorising using GMS instead. What a relief!

The basic system Buzan uses to memorise numbers is an exact copy of the system Harry Lorraine uses. The Major System. While it is easier to learn than the system for memorisating numbers in GMS, the one in GMS though is more flexible since it uses all consonants in the english language. Memorising 3 digit numbers is less straight forward with GMS than it is with the major system (or at least that's my impression since I learned major system first) but now that I know them both I would settle with the GMS method for numbers because of its flexibility.

In conclusion...

Buzan's book on Speed Reading are great.
Buzan's books on Mind Mapping are worth reading.
However, GMS simply trashes Buzan's material on Memory in every department. Add the support given by instructors and the exclusive software to train memory and attention and you simply can't compare any memory system to GMS.

GMS allows you to memorise anything even complex material while others will teach almost nothing beyond memorising lists, numbers, names and similar simple stuff. Buzan goes a step beyond others like Lorrayne thanks to Mind Maps and Speed Reading but as I said, GMS is the real deal in the subject of memory.

Luckily Buzan brings us the World Memory Championship though, so we must all have great respect for him nonetheless!

Mark Mifsud, Malta

"I highly recommend this memory system to anyone willing to put forth the effort. Support is fast and reliable. Two thumbs up!!!"".###


"I am very amazed and excited by the progress I have made using this memory system.


For someone who has been out of school for 10 years and has done minimal formal memorizing since then, I did not believe I could really do this. Once the ball was up-and-running though, I found the time needed to memorize was at times half what was recommended. I was actually wanting to do two and even three lessons in one sitting! I wish I could have had this memory system at my disposal during high school and college. How much easier and faster learning and preparing for tests would have been.


Some of the ideas are really revolutionary. And I was impressed by the different ways information can be incorporated into ones memory. Many tools are now at my disposal. I feel I have a great deal more confidence in my memory in general. There is more reliability, clarity, organization and predictability present that was perhaps not there before. I highly recommend this memory system to anyone willing to put forth the effort. Support is fast and reliable. Two thumbs up!!!"


Jeffrey Carl Schaefer, 32, USA

"This Course has changed my life! Everything I Expected... And More!"### "I was a little skeptical when I signed up, but I have been blown away by the extensive amount of information I`ve learned so far.

I`m completely amazed.

This course has changed my life. I can memorize so much more, and I`m actually able to apply the information at work. I`m much more confident in my ability to succeed.

Bryan Perdue Kentucky, USA

"Should be taught in all schools."### "I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their memory.

The course should be taught in all schools throughout the world!

My other work colleagues have to take a couple of months to write detailed specifications for any application they write By the time they`re done with the prep work, I usually have the application already written!"

Tom C Age 43 Database Developer United Kindom

I am honestly stunned. When I woke up this morning I couldn`t believe I was about to take a test of 100+ different blocks of information all ordered according to number. Even more difficult to believe is that I was able to do it. Now I was able to go through the first 24 lessons at the same time as I was starting college. I have 16 credit hours this semester, but taking the time to go through the lessons has really made college easier rather than harder.

The second course was very fun. It would have been difficult to start out in the second course, memorizing names, birthdays, license plate numbers, historical facts, anecdotes, astronomical terms, Japanese words, codes, addresses, planetary distances and revolution times, mathematical formulas, etc... But having done the intensive course, it was pretty much a breeze. I really want to take some history classes... it would be an absolute breeze to learn the names and life spans/reign of leaders in any country, as well as their interests, things they did or helped with... just anything.

I was barely able to afford the course, but without a doubt it`s the best investment I`ve ever made. I`ve been really busy, and fitting this in was really a chore, but now I`m excited to practice and use it more in all my classes.




Zachary Seeley, 21, Student, USA

I could NOT have learnt this from the free manual alone. Belonging to the group of fellow students is very motivating. I would never have had enough discipline to keep learning from the manual. I like the way we have to finish one course before getting the next set of lessons. That in itself makes you push on to get through the course.

I have always enjoyed learning, and did a Bruno Furst memory course in the 1970's. That was OK at the time, but absolutely not a patch on the potential of this course. I would have learned much more in less time using this method.

Good luck if you sign up for this course. Give yourself 2 months of daily lessons and wow- you will have a phenomenal memory.

Margaret H, 72, UK

This has been a real breakthrough for me. I've always had attention problems my whole life (massive ADHD) and so far this is the only thing that I've done that has legitimately increased my attention and ability to remember concrete information.