Phenomenal Memory
Video Demonstrations

We realize that claims such as: "I can memorize any type of information, even Whole Books" might seem exaggerated to many. That`s why we don`t want You to just trust us. We want You to understand how it works and how it is possible!

Right now You can verify our claims and see if they are true very easily:

  • You can speak with our Students in the forum and ask them directly about their results.
  • You can read their Success Stories, watch Video Reports and read real life stories from people who used their Phenomenal Memory in real life.
  • You can read our book where we have disclosed every little secret of how to memorize books and how we teach it to others. If you truly want to understand how the Brain and Memory work on the cell level and how scientific research is incorporated into our Memorization System - then read the book.

But nothing compares to watching Real, Live Video Demonstrations.

So what is possible? How does it feel to have a Phenomenal Memory?

It’s time for you to see your true potential and Ruslan M. personally is willing to show it to you. In these videos, we will test Ruslan`s abilities to memorize. But we didn`t want to perform just any memory test because, most of them are way too easy. We wanted to challenge Ruslan`s abilities fully and we wanted you to see what YOU are really capable of.

The test we will use is literally impossible to pass unless one has completed the Phenomenal Memory Course. This test consists of a complicated structure and popular information that we use in daily life.

Notice that the information is multi-layered. You have to be able to create Databases in your head in order to memorize something like that. This is not just about memorizing information, it`s about being able to organize it on the fly and have instant access to it. Sounds complex yet it is incredibly easy to do and it works instantly.

This is a truly remarkable ability that allows you to learn extremely fast and extremely efficiently.

Watch for yourself:

In the next video, I will demonstrate how easy it is to work with the memorized information.

When we use pmemory we memorize through understanding and once it`s in your head, you have full control over it. You can update, edit memorized information, move it from one place to another in your head and even perform instant Search through it.

In fact, let us show you...

The best part of all these demonstrations is that ANYONE can perform them. I am just a regular person, just like you. It`s just a skill I developed by completing the course and using Phenomenal Memory in my daily life.

We live in a very competitive world. It is all about the ability to learn, it is all about thinking faster, being more creative, being capable of doing the "impossible" and the best part is - anybody can learn how to access their untapped "supercomputer."

And just to prove my point, I will administer the same test to one of our students...

Ready to improve your memory?