Results and benefits

To most people it sounds truly impossible that someone can actually memorize 300 random digits from reading it once and even Whole Books. A person who can do this is a Genius to others. But only because an average person cannot memorize even 10 digits and don`t really understand how much potential their brain has within itself. It`s like sitting on a winning lottery ticket and never cash it while really struggling with money.

The great news is that we have found a way to get any person to this level.

Results after lesson 24:

You will see dramatic improvement from lesson 1, but to get a real taste of the results our training provides you need to complete at least 24 lessons.

Please surf through the information in the table. Observe how real and complex it is (it is not about memorizing some random words, digits or useless playing cards for party tricks). Notice the volume, structure, order, and numeration of the 25 most common types of information that we all use in our daily life and which is IMPOSSIBLE for people to memorize. Just go ahead and slowly surf through it.

Scroll down to the bottom to see all the information you`ll be able to memorize
  • 1.1.1.

    Monday - mathematics, history, drawing, physical exercises and literature

  • 1.1.2.

    Tuesday - English, geometry, history, mathematics and music

  • 1.1.3.

    Year 1398 - Timur invaded India and occupied Deli

  • 1.1.4.

    Year 1703 - foundation of St. Petersburg

  • 1.1.5.

    Year 1787 - adoption of US constitution

  • 1.2.1.

    Year 1806 - Rein Union - Union of 16 Germanic states under the protectorate of Napoleon I

  • 1.2.1.

    1377 - 1399 - Reign of Richard II in England

  • 1.2.3.

    1650 - 1702 - Life span of English king William III of Orange

  • 1.2.4.

    1762 - 1796 - Reign of Catherine II

  • 1.2.5.

    1396, 25 September - Battle of Nicopolis

  • 1.3.1.

    1346, 26 August - Battle of Crecy

  • 1.3.2.

    1389, 15 June - Battle of Kosovo

  • 1.3.3.

    1492, 12 October - Columbus discovers America

  • 1.3.4.

    Distinctive feature "Earring". Louisa May Alcott

  • 1.3.5.

    Distinctive feature "Hair". Holly Marie Combs

  • 1.4.1.

    Distinctive feature "Beard". Brian Michael Cox

  • 1.4.2.

    Distinctive feature "Cap". George Washington Carver

  • 1.4.3.

    Distinctive feature "Shoulders". Nancy Jessica Parker

  • 1.4.4.

    Distinctive feature "Bangs". Pamela Sue Martin

  • 1.4.5.

    Distinctive feature "Tie". Steven Curtis Chapman

  • 1.5.1.

    Distinctive feature "Ear". Francis Ford Coppola

  • 1.5.2.

    "Ward" cinema - 339-26-00

  • 1.5.3.

    "Ankar" cinema - 123-77-58

  • 1.5.4.

    "Paradise" cinema - 309-54-35

  • 1.5.5.

    "Beach" cinema - 677-90-83

  • 2.1.1.

    Dental clinic 56, Chromova Street, 9/2

  • 2.1.2.

    "Vasenar" company, lighter service and refilling, Warsaw highway, 78

  • 2.1.3.

    Richard Lee Bell, "l 232 pr"

  • 2.1.4.

    Random car. Distinctive feature - "Dice on the front window", number - "c612lw".

  • 2.1.5.

    SEPTEMBER: 15 - Kristine, 28 - Peter

  • 2.2.1.

    JULY: 11 - Tom, 17 - Jordan

  • 2.2.2.

    MARCH: 3 - Maria, 13 - Brandon Lee, 17 - Spears, 19 - "Crystal" (nickname), 21 - James Stone, 24 - Bruce

  • 2.2.3.

    About a stingy Scotchman.
    Phone conversation with Australia.
    How to teach a sister to swim?
    Two dancing hippos.
    A secretary being late.

  • 2.2.4.

    ..first he created Heaven and Earth...
    ...I spill more...
    "Polite" chemist
    Angel in boots
    "Happy New Year" on 30 May

  • 2.2.5.

    Rivers of South America: Amazon, Madeira, Atrato, Tocantins, Magdalena, Rio Negro, Parana, Uruguay, Orinoco, and Sao Francisco.

  • 2.3.1.

    ECLIPTIC is the apparent path of the Sun during a year as seen from Earth or a plane of Earth rotation around the Sun.

  • 2.3.2.

    CEPHEID is a type of pulsating star that regularly changes its brilliance in a matter of several days.

  • 2.3.3.

    PULSAR is a neutron star that radiates a fast sequence of radio waves.

  • 2.3.4.

    PROTUBERANCE is a stream of hot gas, similar to a flame, coming out from the Sun`s surface.

  • 2.3.5.

    PARSEC is a unit of length used in astronomy; equal to 3.2616 light years.

  • 2.4.1.

    THE KUIPER BELT is the area of the solar system extending from the orbit of Neptune where larger masses of icy bodies are capable of becoming comets.

  • 2.4.2.

    QUASAR is an outstandingly powerful shining remote galaxy that looks like a star.

  • 2.4.3.

    DWARF STAR is an old compressed star that has run out of fuel in its central area and is gradually dying.

  • 2.4.4.

    ACCRETION DISC is a disc formed from the substance accumulated around a rotating star.

  • 2.4.5.

    LIGHT YEAR is the distance that a ray of light covers in one year and is equal 9 460 000 000 000 kilometres (9460 billion kilometres).

  • 2.5.1.

    (KU)   (HI)   (U)   (I)

  • 2.5.2.

    (SE)   (TO)   (TA)   (MI)

  • 2.5.3.

    AKAI - book
    NIWA - garden
    AKI - autumn
    MIRU - look
    OKURU - send
    KUBI - neck

  • 2.5.4.

    HITO - person
    UTAU - sing
    ITAI - hurts
    SEITO - pupil
    IKU - walk
    MISE - shop

  • 3.1.1.

    Elementary charge: e = 1.60 пїЅ 10 (-19) C (coulomb)

  • 3.1.2.

    Mass of an electron: m (e) = 9.11 пїЅ 10 (-31) kg

  • 3.1.3.

    Gas mole constant value: R = 8.31 J / K x mol CODES AND PASSWORDS

  • 3.1.4.

    4 84 2 0 7848 477 0 3 22 194 7848 292 0 21758 12 987

  • 3.1.5.

    Safe code - 555503005

  • 3.2.1.

    The formula for the area of an isosceles triangle:

  • S =

  • 3.2.2.

    Area formulas for a random triangle:

  • S =

    S =

    S =

    S =

    P =

    S =

  • 3.2.3.

    What is the name of a long nerve cell branch?

  • 3.2.4.

    What is the membrane potential of a nerve cell?
    70 millivolts.

  • 3.2.5.

    What is a nerve cell axon branching phenomenon?

  • 3.3.1.

    What types of nerve cells are in eye retina?
    Amacrine, bipolar, ganglion, horizontal, conus and bacillus.

  • 3.3.2.

    What is the atomic mass, the number and the atom scheme of Al (Aluminium)?
    The number in the Mendeleyev table is 13, atomic mass equals 27, and the atom scheme is +13 --- 2-8-3 (number of electrons on the orbitals).

  • 3.3.3.

    What are the ordinal number and the atomic mass of silver (Ag)?
    47 and 107.868.

  • 3.3.4.

    What is the ordinal number, the atomic mass and the atomic construction of Chrome (Cr)?
    24; 52 (+24 --- 2-8-13-1).

  • 3.3.5.

    Chaplin (1889 - 1977)
    Galileo (1564 - 1642)
    Newton (1643 - 1727)

  • 3.4.1.

    7 --- 09-21-37-54

  • 3.4.2.

    18 --- 02-15-23-45-58

  • 3.4.3.

    19 --- 05-12-31-40-49

  • 3.4.4.

    Australia (61): Canberra (62), Melbourne (3), Sydney (2)

  • 3.4.5.

    Belgium (32): Antwerp (3), Bruges (50), Brussels (2), Gent (91), and Liege (41)

  • 3.5.1.

    According to Polish statistics, an average Pole spends 91250 minutes, or 63.4 days, on shaving during 68 years of his life. Dressing and undressing takes 523 days and he spends 1046 days and 16 hours by the table.

  • 3.5.2.

    In New York in 1977 statistics registered 24712 bitten people. Dogs bit people 22076 times, cats - 1152 times, person bit another person 892 times, rats - 542 times, bunnies - 40 times, lions - 3 times and ant-eater - 1 time. Statistics for 1984 are less complete. It is only known that dogs bit people 10659 times and a person bit another person 1593 times.

  • 3.5.3.

    In Australia during a snail championship the participant number 806 finished the distance of 182 cm on a tartan road in precisely 19 minutes.

  • 3.5.4.

    1 lot = 12.80 g

  • 3.5.5.

    1 Gallon = 3.785411784 liters

  Waterfall name Continent Height (m)
4.1.1 Angel South America 1054
4.1.2 Tugela Africa 933
4.1.3 Yosemite North America 727.5
4.1.4 Utigord Norway 610
4.1.5 Sutherland New Zealand 580
4.2.1 Victoria Africa 120
4.2.2 Iguassu South America 72
4.2.3 Boyoma Africa 60
4.2.4 Niagara North America 51
  Planet Distance from the Sun (astronomical units) Rotation period around the Sun (earth years)
4.3.1   1 astronomical unit
is 149.6 million. km
4.3.2 Mercury 0.387 0.24
4.3.3 Venus 0.723 0.62
4.3.4 Earth 1 1
4.3.5 Mars 1.524 1.88
4.4.1 Jupiter 5.203 11.86
4.4.2 Saturn 9.539 29.46
4.4.3 Uranus 19.18 84.02
4.4.4 Neptune 30.07 164.52
4.4.5 Pluto 39.44 247.7
  • 4.5.1.

    The "Spectacles" distinctive feature

  • 4.5.2.

    Surname, name and middle name: Jones, James Earl

  • 4.5.3.

    Phone number: 590-23-42

  • 4.5.4.

    Address: Ocean Street, block 40, apartment 2

  • 4.5.5.

    Car number: t 723 rp

  • 4.6.1.

    Cell: 8-901-735-15-74

  • 4.6.2.

    Pager number: 970-00-03

  • 4.6.3.

    Telephone subscriber number: 62390

  • 4.6.4.

    Office number: 421-30-06

  • 4.6.5.

    Fax: 489-86-47

What YOU should expect after completing just 24 lessons out of 60:

  • You will be able to remember the full information volume contained in this window.
  • You will be able to remember all the data in direct and reverse order.
  • You will be able to answer any question on any piece of information contained in the table as well as call it by its ordinal number (without a hint).
  • You will instantly remember the information using only one element. For example, you will be able to answer the question, “What was the number 29 about?” The answer is – “Saturn’s distance from the sun is 9,539 astronomical units and the period of rotation around the Sun equals 29.46 earth years”.

Absolutely anyone can learn and do this! Only 100% memorization! Free movement of information throughout the brain like files in a computer! It will seem that you can read the information from a page seen in your imagination! Just after 24 lessons out of 60!

Results after lesson 60:

We made a comparison table that demonstrates beautifully the difference between a person who has completed Training vs. a person with Average abilities. Basically it says it all:

Before Pmemory 4.0 Training VS After Pmemory 4.0 Training
  • Ability to memorize 5 to 7 random elements of information from reading it once, with a need for multiple repetitions.
  • Ability to memorize 300 (or more) random elements of information by reading it once, with no need for repetition. 60 times more!
  • No control over memorization process (never really know if its memorized or not). Just repeating the information over and over again HOPING it will be memorized.
  • Absolute control over memorization process. You always know what is memorized and what is not.
  • No control over memorized information in your head.
  • No ability to manipulate memorized information, delete, edit it or organize it.
  • No control over forgetting and for how long information will be memorized.
  • Absolute control over memorized material. Ability to create complex structure, databases and folders that allows storing and organizing memorized information like files on the computer screen.
  • Ability to delete information at will and control for how long information is memorized (days, weeks, months, years or forever).
  • Ability to perform Instant Search through information. For example finding all information that has “21” in it.
  • Overall shape of the brain, mental stamina, focus, attention span and other brain functions are poorly developed. Basically the brain is in the state of relaxation and a sleep. Easily overwhelmed when learning new or if there is a load of tasks on the brain that is unusual.
  • Overall shape of the brain, mental stamina, focus, attention span and other brain functions are highly developed. It can be compared with physical shape of professional athlete VS obese person. Very hard to get overwhelmed when learning new or if there is a need to perform mental tasks and stay focused and sharp for a long time.
  • Impossible to memorize high volume of complex, structured information such as Whole Books and texts.
  • You can memorize and store in your mind extremely complex, structured information of high volume, such as complex texts and Entire Books.
  • Learning in general and learning new is slow, frustrating and extremely ineffective. You start to lose and forget information you just “learned” basically immediately and this process accelerates with time until information is completely gone. Leaving vague general “remembrance” of the learned material that is basically, in most cases, less than 3%.
    For example that’s why you cannot recall information from the book that you read just few weeks ago.
  • Learning in general is extremely effective, fast and rewarding. Since memorization process and memorized material is under full control it creates a strong accumulative effect of the knowledge in your head. This allows knowledge to be accumulated and because of that it is in constant use by you and your mind. This affects the way you think and act. (You act according to the information you have memorized, for example: advices and knowledge that you have memorized in the book about "Success and Money" are always working and constantly utilized by the mind in your daily life.)
    This information is also available to be accessed and reproduced at any time.
  • Impossible to memorize structure, sequence and order of information.
  • You can memorize complex structure, sequence and order of information with ease.
  • Limited number of types of information that you can memorize.
  • You can memorize any types of information with no limits.
  • No control over memorization space in your head. In other words you have no idea how much free memory you have left in the brain that you can utilize without deleting previously memorized information. (deletion happens automatically without your knowledge)
  • Absolute control over your memory and your memorization space (hard drive in your mind with unlimited space).

You yourself have to make the decision whether or not you want to have these kinds of abilities in your life, or not. Because this is just a decision.

If you complete the Training - you will be able to do this all.

There is not a chance that somehow it won`t work for you. It is literally like working out in the gym. If you workout - you will lose weight and get in shape, simply because we all have the same basic structure of the body. This is true for anyone. Same goes for our training. We all have the same basic structure of the brain, so if you complete the course - you will have Phenomenal Memory and you will be able to memorize Whole Books.

Ready to improve your memory?