Discovering and learning new information should be a pleasant and exciting activity, not boring and frustrating!

How does Phenomenal Memory Training work?

School of Phenomenal Memory is designed to provide results fast and efficiently. The online training consists of 60 lessons. After you complete all 60 lessons, you will be able to memorize any type of information, including entire books. That’s the guarantee!

The course lessons and training are delivered through a specially designed Online Student Area, where you can study at your own pace from any computer, from any location, at any time.Our instructors will keep a close eye on your progress with every lesson you do to make sure you are on the right path. It is a very crucial part because one conceptual mistake in understanding of Phenomenal Memory can ruin your entire progress. We will work with you without any time limits until you get real Phenomenal Memory.

One lesson takes one to two hours with exercises. You are welcome to study at your own pace, but keep in mind that one lesson per day is the maximum and three lessons per week is the minimum (or something in between). If you do one lesson per day, you will have real Phenomenal Memory in 60 days.

Phenomenal Memory Course consists of 5 parts:

Basic Training

(Introduction to Course, 12 lessons)

We will start with simple, basic exercises to build a foundation of your personal Phenomenal Memory. You will go through the detailed study of separate techniques of memorizing and special mental operations that will be a basis of your memorization skill. You can expect a gradual increase in the volume of information that can be memorized at a given time; up to 100 elements. You will also gain a much more powerful stability of attention. The exercises in this course are designed to help you develop the initial skills of memorizing. Without it the study of the other courses is impossible.

First Database

(Basic Course, 12 lessons)

You can expect to develop your own, personal Phenomenal Memory. That means you will get the skill of memorizing 25 basic kinds of information (telephone numbers, historical dates, constant values, time-tables, names, formulas, etc.), with the possibility of selective retrieval and relocation of information in the memory. You will work with one hundred examples of factual, data-based information (previously considered to be impossible to memorize). You will be able to recollect upon request consistently and selectively with the absolute accuracy of reproduction. It is impossible to memorize any more effectively! Final exam at the end of this course.

Foreign Languages

(Special Course, 11 lessons)

Training in the memorization of foreign words and phrases. Course material is based on the Russian language. (Any language can be used by analogy.)- Learning the pronunciation of words

  • - How to memorize groups of words
  • - Memorization of study texts
  • - How to memorize structural models
  • - Memorize grammar rules, the gender of nouns, adjectives.
  • - How to memorize verb tenses
  • - Memorizing dialogs
  • - How to study with audio books

Learning a foreign language becomes an enjoyable and extremely effective journey, not a struggle.

Books and Complicated Texts

(Special Course, 16 lessons)

From jokes and short stories, up to entire books and tutorials containing complex terminology! Complex texts are used as exercises. How can you memorize a paragraph of a textbook in the shortest time possible? How can you memorize the content of a whole book? How can you remember forever the entire content of your speech or a lecture? The answer is simple: using your own Phenomenal Memory. (The texts are not remembered word-for-word, but are reproduced using your own words preserving the sequence of paragraphs and the exact information).

Codes and passwords

(Special Course, 8 lessons)
  • - Reliably remember numerical data. Remember all passwords, office door codes and pin numbers. Prevent identity theft & keep personal details secure.
  • - Everything from websites and email addresses to credit card numbers, pin numbers, bank account numbers and login information.

All of this information can be stored in your memory for as long as you would like.

What support do I get? Can anyone do this? My memory is pretty bad!

Your current memory and mental shape do not matter. You don’t have to be in great shape to start working out in the gym; in fact, you go to the gym to get in shape.
You will get all the support necessary to finish the course and gain Phenomenal Memory. It can be done through specially designed Student Area, email, messaging system, forum, Skype, or phone. Support and training have no time limit and your access to the course and school material will never expire.

Ready to improve your memory?