Man's desire to improve his memory is an idea that is old as time. For centuries there have been those who have developed systems that simplify the process of memory improvement. One of the tried and true techniques is call mnemonics. The word "mnemonic" comes from the name of the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemsoyne.

A mnemonic device is a tool that helps you remember large amounts of information and then recall it at a later time. These techniques help your mind make connections between the new information that you want to remember and information that you are already familiar with. Such mnemonic techniques include association, rhyming, music and rhythm.

Mnemonic Techniques in Action
Children often learn the alphabet by singing the letters in the familiar tune that most of us recognize. This is an example of memorizing by music. Students just beginning to read music might learn the notes by remembering the sentence: Every Good Boy Does Fine, with the beginning of each word representing a note. This is association. These mnemonic techniques are used often and with great success.

The problem with using only such methods as these is that you cannot use them to remember everything. That is why the School of Phenomenal Memory combines mnemonics with other meticulously researched methods found in the Giordano Memorization System®. The 59 carefully crafted lessons offer you the best of all worlds in your quest for a phenomenal memory. The Giordano Memorization Manual is available online and explains how these systems work together to form a cohesive and effective system.

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