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Memory Retention

There are a number of things that can be done to improve your memory retention, including different types of mental techniques and proper nutrition to the body, particularly the brain.

Some of these techniques for improving memory retention include:

  • Memory Stimulation
    Memory should be used to the maximum possible limit. This can be done by challenging a novelty, learning new skills etc.

  • Pay Attention
    Instead of memorizing everything that happens, focus closely and concentrate on what you feel is most important.

  • Correlate Facts with Images
    This is one of the most important mnemonic technique and makes memorization of large number of information at a time a lot easier.

  • Foods
    Food containing some vitamins such as Folic acid and B12 like fruits, vegetables and cereals improve memory retention.

  • Sleep
    Getting enough sleep and rest is essential for having good memory retention power. This is because the brain gets disconnected from the sense during sleep and performs revising as well as storing functions.

  • Smoking / Alcohol
    Both smoking and drinking alcohol has a grave effect on our memory retention. Alcohol negatively effects the ability to retain new information, where smoking lowers the oxygen supply to the brain, thus affecting the memory.