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Losing Memory Due To Medical Conditions

Losing memory can be serious when it starts affecting your day to day life. Forgetting names are usually normal, but if you find trouble in remembering how to perform a thing that you frequently do or find it difficult to reach to a place where you have often been, then you can know that you have a serious memory loss.

Normal losing of memory does not get severe over time but serious memory loss problems may get worse after a long period. It is hard to make out of your own, whether you are having a serious memory problem or not, as there are several reasons behind memory loss.

Medical conditions can be also a reason behind serious memory problems. These problems can only go away when they are treated. Below are some of the medical causes of losing memory:

  • Reaction of medicines
  • Depression
  • Inadequate fluids in body also known as dehydration
  • Consumption of unhealthy foods and deficiency of minerals and vitamin in the body
  • Insignificant head injuries
  • Thyroid problems

Above mentioned all the medical conditions are critical. Proper medical attention and medical treatment is required to eradicate them.

Feeling worried and sad may also be a reason for losing memory. It can be seen that most elderly people suffers from emotional problem that ultimately lead to memory problems. Feeling lonely, worried and sad can make you forgetful as well as confused. Spending time with family, being active and doing things that generally makes the mind and heart happy can to a great extend help. However, it is better to see your doctor for proper treatment as memory problem can get better faster with medical attention.