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Human Memory

Have you ever wondered why it is that we remember a long story or any incident that occurred a long time back? Why don't we forget how to swim or drive a car? How do we remember complete phrases of complicated songs? All this is the result of the human memory.

is closely linked with learning, that is, our human memory ability to modify our behavior based on human memory experiences stored in our memory. This means that memory and learning are the foundation of our human memory abilities and human memory knowledge.

The human memory can be classified into sub-categories, human memory namely, declarative memory and procedural memory. The human memory information such as telephone numbers, birthdays or other historical facts that we have to remember are a part of the declarative memory. On the other hand our human memory ability to driver, play a game or tie your shoe laces is all a part of the procedural memory.

The human memory information such as dates and numbers and other human memory information are often easily remembered as well as easily forgotten too. This memory is known as the short term memory. In order human memory to make any of this short term memory permanent, human memory close attention, repetition along with human memory associated ideas are required. On the other hand, long term memory can last for days or even decades.