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Common causes of Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is a very common symptom seen in a number of people, particularly the elderly. Forgetfulness may also be connected with concentration symptoms. Many people associate forgetfulness with Alzheimer's disease but forgetfulness is not always the case. This condition may also forgetfulness be caused due to a number of other forgetfulness possibilities such as normal memory deterioration with age as well as side effects of medicines, alcohol and drug abuse, other health conditions such as brain tumor and stroke or dementia.


Following are some of the medical conditions which are believed to be the possible causes of forgetfulness. These are:

› Concentration difficulties
› Tiredness
› Anxiety forgetfulness
› Aging forgetfulness
› Grieving forgetfulness
› Pregnancy is often associated with forgetfulness
› New motherhood often leads a person to become forgetful due to problems adjusting with a baby

Problems in memory that comes with aging include:

› Lack of concentration and memory with increase in age
› Benign Senescent Forgetfulness

Besides these, forgetfulness may also be caused due to other serious causes such as:

› Parkinson's disease
› Alzheimer's disease
› Depression forgetfulness
› Delirium forgetfulness
› Emotional forgetfulness problems