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Alcohol Memory Loss: A Big Threat of Our Brain Health

Blackouts or alcohol memory loss is quite common after excessive consumption of alcohol. This is because alcohol prevents the formation of new memories in our brain. The level of the alcohol memory loss depends mainly on the consumption level as well as varies with each individual. The time period of the memory loss also varies. For example, if you went to a bar with your friends and discussed on any particular issue, the next day if would want to remember and reproduce the entire happening, you will not be able to do so. How much you remember varies with your level of understand and general.

Alcohol consumption in huge amounts often leads to alcohol memory loss and blackouts. Blackouts are common with the people involved in alcohol abuse and serves as a warning to prove that alcohol related problems exist and people everywhere are suffering due to this. Memory loss is often found traumatic when blackouts are linked with heavy drinkers as well as heavy drinkers.

Consumption of alcohol has a number of serious implications of our brain. As soon as alcohol is consumed, it is broken down to produce ethyl ester causing the brain to gain negative charge. The calcium channels, on which our brain depends for communication amongst each other also gets destroyed. Due to this alcohol memory loss is caused.