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School of Phenomenal Memory Public Forum

General Non-Students Forum

General Forum for Non-Students who are interested in the School of Phenomenal Memory and our Community. Please use Student Area for direct questions related to lessons.

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224 replies
Looking for experime...
By abern

07 October 2018

School of Phenomenal Memory

All general topics connected to our school... NO Lessons direct questions, use Student Area.

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Word for Word
By kpe

24 March 2018

I am Skeptical. Is this for Real?

We LOVE the fact that we can memorize Entire Books and that we have full control over our Memorization. Why not join us?

173 topics
702 replies
Working Memory
By drifter

03 January 2017

Pmemory VS Others

Comparing effectiveness and results of PMemory with other Methods, Techniques, Courses, Products, etc in the field of Memory/Attention/ Visualization Development and overall Learning/Studying Skills.

32 topics
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Speed mathematics
By mrj110886

25 March 2018


Students Testimonials

697 topics
834 replies
4 wrong
By karot

05 May 2020

Phenomenal Memory in real life situations

How and where to use Phenomenal Memory? Real life stories and thoughts…

69 topics
400 replies
Will pmemory help wi...
By quantum_mania

01 May 2020

Giordano Memorization System

GMS course, techniques, possible problems…

86 topics
382 replies
Learning Language Ex...
By menachemmoscovitz

09 August 2018

Welcome New Members!

Feel free to Introduce yourself to our Community. Let us know who you are, why you are here and why you want to Improve your memory and Learning abilities.

361 topics
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I waited. Why did I ...

04 May 2020

GMS Manual

Reviews and opinions about the "GMS Manual"

24 topics
106 replies
Encoding confusion
By kpe

08 January 2019

Public Newsletter

Ruslans Personal Blog

3 topics
26 replies
Basic rules and advi...
By SebastianSativa

12 April 2015


Articles discussions...

16 topics
109 replies
The Memory Palace
By kudos

12 May 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Organized Frequently Asked Questions by new visitors about the course, website and School in general.

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Flash Cards
By umashankar_mv

04 October 2018


Off topic Conversations. No Spam or Advertisement.

54 topics
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Restarting the cours...

19 June 2020

Affiliate forum

Affiliate forum

10 topics
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Please Help me...
By kunalkashyap

16 September 2015

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