It seems that there are so many ways to improve memory and get memory skills. If that is the case, then why do so many people fail to improve their memory? It seems illogical. We have access to so many different books, CDs, software, supplements, pills, games… but really, how many people have actually managed to improve memory with them? How many have improved their memory long-term? Can you really buy a book for $19.99 and dramatically improve your ability to memorize? Here is my take on this subject, as a founder of the School of Phenomenal Memory and an official Memory Improvement Expert on

WARNING: Don`t waste your hard-earned cash on memory products until you read this!


"Light Years Ahead"

This course is a real breakthrough in the field of memory techniques, it`s really light years ahead.

I can say that with all my heart because I tried EVERYTHING in the market, including the famous books by Harry Lorraine and Dominic O` Brian, so I know what I am talking about. They are mere toys in comparison."

Marco, 24, Italy


So, why do people fail to improve their memory? One of the main reasons is a lack of practical training or no practical training at all. You cannot buy a book on bodybuilding and get in shape simply by reading about it. It is clear that knowing about bodybuilding and having a great body are two totally different things, same goes for memory improvement.  

It seems that most people don’t realize this, or they simply get lost in the hype of commercials or advertisements. Most internet users (it is the information ‘super highway,’ after all) look for the quick fixes or magic pills which do not produce results. Practical training and experience are the most crucial components of every new skill. The ability to memorize should be natural and effortless like a practical skill, same as reading. When we read, we don’t think about the process itself. When we memorize, we should not think about techniques or methods; it should occur as naturally as breathing. It should be fast, efficient, and enjoyable. If you have a true memorization skill, you can memorize anything, including entire books.


"Absolute breakthrough in memory training!"

I can honestly say this course is an absolute breakthrough in memory training.

Benn Boshell, 18, UK


Have you failed before with famous mnemonic techniques and methods?

Another trap most people fall into is the lure of mnemonics or memorization techniques. People think that the more techniques they have, the better off they are… so, they gladly buy books with tens and hundreds of memorization techniques. The truth is that 99% of the techniques are inefficient, ineffective simply because they are theoretically outdated, and/or are not based on natural mechanisms of the brain and memory. Here is the link to the free Secrets of Phenomenal Memory” E-book with all the most effective techniques with explanations as to why they work and how they work.

Unfortunately, great memory is not about right and effective techniques or memory strategies only – that is just the beginning. Plain techniques are useless until they become reflexes – this is only possible to achieve only through practical training.


"Your course is the best!"

I have read and studied other methods without lasting success. Some of the authors that I have studied include Harry Lorayne, Dominic O`Brien, Ron White, Dr. Amazing, Tony Buzan, Jonathan Hancock, and others too numerous to mention. I read everything that I can find to achieve my Holy Grail which is a rock-solid and effortless memory.

Quite simply, your course is the best that I have found in all my searching, and seems to be the only one that a person can comfortably use for their entire lifetime.

Richard Gawel, 45, Toronto, Canada, insurance agent


Recent breakthrough by leading memory experts

Do you know how memory really works? Where exactly do we keep all the information? How do we memorize and forget? It is obvious that, if you don’t know how memory works, you cannot create powerful and effective way to improve it. If a theoretical base is unavailable, it means that no effective system for memorization is possible. When you look for a memory improvement product, it is crucial that you check to see if they provide any scientific explanations of their methods and techniques. If you are interested in learning about the latest discoveries from leading memory improvement experts and how memory works you are welcome to download this free Secrets of Phenomenal Memory” E-book.


"The best system for memory improvement on the planet!"

This is by far the best system for memory improvement on the planet. I have read every book on Memory, including Jerry Lucas, Tony Buzan, and Dominic O’Brian. All of these other courses are insignificant compared to the Phenomenal Memory Course.

Thank you for developing the best course on memory!

Bryan, USA, KY, 26


How to unleash the latent powers of your memory?

Here are few essential factors you need to pay attention to before spending your money on a memory improvement company and their products:

● Real brain power can be unleashed only with professional help and practical training, not through the set of CD’s, books, DVD’s, or supplements.

● A company needs to have instructors who would lead you, help you, and answer your questions.

● Your training should be based on a comprehensive, effective, practical course, one that is based on the natural mechanisms of the brain and memory, one that provides results.

● Their training or course should cover and teach how to memorize all of the most popular types of information like dates, names, languages, even entire books.

● They should guarantee results and offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

● Their experts need to know how memory works, so they know exactly what needs to be done to improve it! In this case, they should provide detailed explanations and theoretical material based on scientific research about their methods and approaches.

● They need to use a simple, effective, and practical memorization system that allows you to memorize anything - even seemingly unmemorizable information with complicated structures, like entire textbooks.

● They need to provide a set of software so you can assess and track your results and to use as a tool so you can train and practice.

● They need to have a community of people who are on the same path, so it is easier for you to stay motivated and interested in the training.

● They need to provide you with the information about food, health, and nutrition. Eating the right foods and the proper diet will improve results dramatically.

● They should have additional experience and methods for helping older people, people with ADD, people who have problems with visual thinking, etc.

● They must have a long list of testimonials and articles on memory improvement and related subjects.

● They should have an open forum where their customers and visitors can openly share their experiences and successes.

If you are interested in attaining the Phenomenal Memory but still not sure or have doubts, please let us know. We are ready to answer any of your questions


"I have never seen anything as complete and powerful as this course!"

So many websites around promise life changing things and you end up with a slim e-book that’s copied from various other sources. I have read a lot about memory and memory techniques and I have never seen anything as complete and powerful as this course.

Volkmar, Austria, 28, Risk Manager


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This is THE definitive memory improvement course. Don’t bother looking at other courses as this is the best memory improvement course money can buy.

This course makes studying pathetically easy. I have not seen anything on the internet or in a book that beats this course in terms of content or value for money.

Tom C, 43, Database Applications Developer, UK


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