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Tom C Age 43 Database Developer United Kindom

This course makes studying pathetically easy. If every student learnt this, then the colleges and universities would have to make exams considerably harder because every student would be obtaining near 100% every time.

Zachary Seeley, 21, Student, USA

I am honestly stunned. Without a doubt it`s the best investment I`ve ever made.

Kim M, USA; 27; Graphic Designer;

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their memory... First I tried Kevin Trudeau`s mega memory course and then stumbled upon your site and decided to give this one a go as well. I wasn`t disappointed! This is FAR FAR FAR ( x 1000000.... ) times better, it doesn`t even compare.

Do you want to boost your brain power?

Do you want to memorize and learn with ease?

Do you want to memorize any type of information...

...with confidence that it won't be forgotten?

It is estimated that most human beings only use 10% of the brain's capacity. Imagine if we could access 100%. Interesting things begin to happen.
I have spent over 10 years working in the field of extreme Self Growth and finally have developed a training that is so powerful that its results are considered to be "impossible" and "too good to be true" - but it's only because nothing like this ever existed on the planet.
To most people it sounds truly impossible that someone can actually memorize 300 random digits from reading it once and even Whole Books. A person who can do this is a Genius to others. But only because an average person cannot memorize even 10 digits and dont really understand how much potential their brain has within itself. It's like sitting on a winning lottery ticket and never cash it while really struggling with money.
The great news is that I have found a way to get any person to this level. Even you! Especially you, since you are already looking for ways to enhance yourself. But the question here is - How long have you been trying to do that and are you where you want to be with your memory, attention, and learning speed in general?
Now, you can just take the most powerful way and just get it over with, instead of keep on trying.
When your brain's abilities are developed to the degree that you can memorize and store whole books of information in your head, not just basic, simple every day data, you wont be needing anything else to enhance your brain's power. You will be able to memorize any type of information: daily tasks, new languages, tables, texts, passwords, books, etc. No limits. And the best part is that this is just a beginning.
It is not about some "memorization". It is about unleashing your true brain potential. It's about using it and take advantage of it. It's about having ability to understand, comprehend and learn things on completely different speeds and not being overwhelmed even with extreme volumes of data and tasks. And of course it's all about final result that comes when you have your brain transformed and trained. Same way trained body provides different kind of abilities compared to, lets say, obese person who cannot do even 10 push-ups.
Our Training is not about some memorization and gimmicks. It's about whole mind and brain transformation. Basically it's a new mind technology that turns an average, old-style mind that has remained the same with generations of people for hundreds of thousands of years into something completely new and different. It's a true revolution and the next step in how people learn and use their minds.
See for yourself:
Gus was able to memorize all these things and was able to move to a management position because people started to see him as a Genius. And this is just after 24 lessons out of 60.

The ability to learn new and the general mental abilities are so much more important than anything I can think of. You use it and rely on it all the time. It's the most powerful, most needed, most universal and most important skill and ability of all. It's all about learning when it comes to growth and improving your life in general. If you can learn fast and effectively you can grow and expand fast and effectively. Therefore you can change and improve the quality of your life fast and effectively. Any area of your life you are not satisfied with can be improved and changed by learning about it and then applying this knowledge.

In fact the quality of learning after the training is so great that you can actually teach what you have learned almost immediately. See for yourself how Kim just in one memorization session memorized a book and was able to teach it next day and the best part is that he completed the Training in just 60 days.


It's simple. If you want to boost your brain power, get in mental shape and get your own, personal Phenomenal Memory so you can memorize any type of information, including Entire books - you need to join Online Phenomenal Memory Training. Brain Power and Skills can be formed only through practical training. It's like getting in shape at a gym.

If you want to learn how our Memorization System works and how Book Memorization is possible from the scientific point of view then you need to read my book. There I have explained in great details:

  • How the memory works on the cell level and how the Memorization System utilizes that
  • How to memorize any type of information, including Entire Books
  • How to organize memorized information in an efficient way and how to create Databases of information
  • How to do an Instant Search through Memorized Information in your head

and much much more. This book consists of 163 pages of real information. It used to be available only to registered members who joined the training but now I have decided to make it completely public and free to everyone interested.

Get it while you can because I cannot guarantee that it will be available here tomorrow.

This ebook usually sells for $29.99, and is packed with 163 pages of the most up to date memory improvement information. Discover the amazing truth about how your memory really works...

However, you don't have to read anything in order to join. Everything will be explained in the course itself.

If you want to improve your memory a little bit, then our training is not for you.

If you want to get a Truly Incredible Result in just a few months - Then welcome to School of Phenomenal Memory!